I am Founder and Executive Director of Aero, Inc. an integrated mixed abilities dance
company. Aero dance troupe members have performed and led workshops of integrated
dance at local and national venues.

I am also Founder and Executive Director of Citizens for Access, an educational and
advocacy organization dedicated to the removal of architectural access barriers in public
and private entities.

In 2002, I sustained a cervical spinal cord injury after a truck driver sped through a stop sign
in truck-car accident, leaving me with incomplete quadraplegia. My passion for  dance and
advocacy was brought to a new level.
My background is in clinical and lab medical neuroscience research involved studies on the
causes of Autism, Alzheimers, Developmental Disabilities, pain and Huntington's Chorea.

I was a competitive pair figure skater, competing at a national level and training with the US
Olympic team. Now I bring pair figure-skating moves to my choreography of mixed abilities
dance performances.

I am presently involved in graduate work with teams designing wheelchairs for people in
developing countries at MIT. I strongly believe one person can make a difference.  My
dream is to create inclusive programs of dance in every school on a national level.
"Everyone who wants to dance can dance!"

Maryan can be contacted for appearances at mswheelchairmass09@yahoo.com
Maryan Amaral- Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2009
Maryan Amaral, Ms Wheelchair Massachusetts 2009 and Karyn Estrella, Pageant Judge and
Executive Director of NEMED.